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Bed Bugs; Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

bed bug on sheets

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are more than just gross little pests that like to live in your bed. A female bed bug lays five hundred eggs in her lifetime and each egg hatches within a month. They are blood sucking bugs which live off of humans as well as pets. Once bitten, your skin will swell and begin to itch – similar to a rash from an allergic reaction or other bug bites.

In only nine months, one bed bug will turn into 37, 310 bed bugs. When fully grown the average reddish brown bed bug is above ¼ inch long.

Where to find bed bugs?

Bed bugs can survive in various places, although their name would suggest otherwise. Hotels and hostels are among the favourite places for bed bugs to live and they can travel home with you through your suitcases or backpacks. Additionally, bed bugs can survive in many different public spaces including movie theatres, buses, schools, and company offices. Bed bugs love to hangout in mattresses, of course. This should be the first place you check. Look in the seams and creases, box springs, head boards and even the bed frames. Anywhere around your bed that is small enough for a bed bug to live will be a potential home for them. If you do find bed bugs in your mattress, it is very likely that they are living in other places throughout your home. Other places that bed bugs may like to hide include window curtains, wooden furniture with hollow legs, and even on your pets or in their bedding.  

How to prevent bed bug outbreak

We suggest taking a proactive approach to preventing the outbreak of bed bugs rather than a reactive approach. Regular inspections are key! Wash and dry your bed sheets and blankets regularly and inspect them carefully. Vacuum suitcases after travelling and inspect your backpack often. And keep your laundry tidy, as bed bugs often find their way into dirty laundry when travelling.

If you are very concerned about a potential bed bug outbreak it may be worth investing in special anti-bed bug mattress and pillow covers. Although frequent inspections and consistent cleaning are extremely efficient ways to avoid bed bugs, it can sometimes be out of your control. When this happens it is best to call a professional exterminator and rid yourself of the pests once and for all. 

Hiring a Bed Bug Control Service Near You

The main problem with bed bugs is that in order to complete get rid of them every single bed bug must be exterminated. Otherwise they will continue to reproduce rapidly. For this reason we guarantee that our bed bug extermination service will exterminate each and every beg bug in your home. You will be able to sleep well knowing that bed bugs are no longer one of your concerns.  Our professional exterminators will assess your current pest situation on the spot and describe the best solution going forward. Dealing with bedbugs for the first time can be a frightening and upsetting experience. Don’t live with bed bugs any longer. Your best option is to give us a call and schedule an appointment with one of our qualified pest exterminators.

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