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Fleas; Getting Rid of Fleas

Fleas control

How To Detect Fleas?

Anyone who has ever owned a furry pet knows the horror that comes with various pests, especially with fleas. Although one might think that fleas are not that common of an issue, infestations happen a lot more often than you might think. The main issue with fleas is not only the fact that they are annoying or that they can affect humans as well, but the fact that they carry a lot of unwanted germs and can spread disease quite quickly. If Your pet is scratching a lot, you should suspect fleas. As well, fleas are attracted to heat so  fill a bowl with hot water and reflect a lamp on it, you should see them jumping in the bowl.

About Fleas

The thing with fleas is that they are unbelievably resilient and quite difficult to exterminate, especially if you are trying to do so on your own. On top of that, they easily grow in numbers, a single flea being able to lay somewhere around 400 eggs within six months. Given the fact that it can take somewhere between five days to five weeks for the pupae to become full grown, doing the math regarding the number of fleas you are stuck with is somewhat frightening. As a result, flea infestation is a serious issue and so instead of doing the math, you could give us a call so that we can take care of this problem for you in a timely manner and in a cost effective way.

There’s no secret that fleas are quite cunning pests, difficult to exterminate and hard to deal with. Thankfully, our experts have both the necessary skills and knowledge to get rid of this problem for good.  

What To Expect From Our Flea Exterminator Service

First off, you will be setting an appointment with our expert exterminators, who will come to assess the problem and set a course of action. You will, of course, take part in this planning process and have a say in what will be going on, the solutions and techniques that our experts will use. After the actual extermination process, our professionals will give you a few pointers and advice on what to do or what to avoid doing in order to never have this kind of a problem again.

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose our flea pest control service, but here are only three of them:

  1. First, Affordibility: Our service is highly affordable and we actually dare say it is the most affordable one in the area. You will be able to get rid of your flea infestation without spending a fortune
  2. Second, Flexibility:We get that you have a busy schedule and that is why we are more than open to work around it and make appointments when it is suitable for you.
  3. Thirdly, Satisfaction: With us, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You can rest assured that your flea issue is going to become history in a timely manner. Our experts are highly professional, experienced and incredibly dedicated to do a great job!

Hiring a Flea Control Service Near You

If you too are dealing with a flea infestation, do not hesitate to give our exterminators a call! We are the most professional and most affordable flea pest control service in the area.

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Testimonial for Pest Control Oakville

We used these guys for mice and couldn't be happier with the service! 
- Mark S, Ajax

pest control richmond hill testimonial

They were very professional and got rid of our pests the next day after we called! 
- Gina R, Richmond Hill

Mark from Ajax

The guys at Pest Control Ajax Exterminator were great from the time I called them through taking care of my wasps. Highly-recommended.
- Mark S, Ajax

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They were very professional and got rid of our pests the next day after we called! 
- Teresa M, Brampton

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Trusted the team to exterminate the pests at our office. They were very professional and efficient! -
Elena V, Thornhill

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