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Mice Control; Getting Rid of Mice

mice home pest control

About Mice

To some people mice are adorable pets and loveable little companions. To most, however, mice are a common pest that become very difficult to get rid of once they appear. Mice reproduce rapidly and can be tricky to exterminate due to their ability to squeeze into tight spaces. Luckily, mice infestations are one of our most requested pest control services and have become one of our specialities as a result.

How Mice Get into Your Home

Mice can be found living, sleeping, and running around within the warm walls of your home. In nature mice prefer habitats in forestry areas where they can hide from potential predators and avoid being prey. They like to recreate this habitat for themselves inside the comfort of your home by gathering materials that they can create nests from. The inside of your walls is the ideal place for mice to hide and stay cozy during the winter months.

How to Prevent Mice from Getting into your Home

You can make your home less appealing to them by keeping the lid on your garbage cans and using food containers with securable lids in the cupboards. Try to only eat in the kitchen and clean spilled food or beverages immediately. Additionally, if you find the hole in which mice are entering your walls, seal it off with heavy duty glue. The risk with this approach is keeping the mice alive in your walls, rather than sealing them off from the outside. This is why we recommend calling a professional once you have confirmed or suspect a mice infestation exists in your home or workplace. If you choose to use a mouse trap, use peanut butter instead of cheese. This method will decrease the chance of the mouse running away with the food without becoming trapped. Always use disposable mouse traps.

Inspecting Your Home for Signs of Mice Infestation

If you see food packages that have been nibbled on or small droppings in your cupboards, you very likely have an infestation of mice. Avoid a serious infestation by calling one of our professional exterminators. Mice are a common pest and they can show up in any home or building, especially if there is food nearby. Mouse droppings and urine can create serious health problems for the people living in your home. The amount of droppings you find can be a good indicator of the size of the infestation you have.

Health Risks of Mice in Home

Due to the health concerns, a mouse infestation should be taken seriously and dealt with as soon as the infestation becomes known. Do not let your cat hunt mice for you! It is not worth risking the health of your loved pet to capture a pest that we can easily exterminate for you. Not only can the urine and droppings contaminate areas in your home, but often mice and rats carry infectious diseases. You can be particularly concerned about getting Hantavirus, which is a rare but serious lung diseases caused by wild rodents.

Hiring a mice control service near you

Exterminating mice can be a tedious task. We suggest leaving it to a professional to avoid a long-term mouse chasing situation. There is no reason to live with mice any longer. If you don’t want to set traps and hope to catch one every now and then, call us to take case of the problem for you. We are proud to remove all pests from your home and we guarantee that once the mice are exterminated, they won’t be coming back!

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We used these guys for mice and couldn't be happier with the service! 
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They were very professional and got rid of our pests the next day after we called! 
- Gina R, Richmond Hill

Mark from Ajax

The guys at Pest Control Ajax Exterminator were great from the time I called them through taking care of my wasps. Highly-recommended.
- Mark S, Ajax

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They were very professional and got rid of our pests the next day after we called! 
- Teresa M, Brampton

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Trusted the team to exterminate the pests at our office. They were very professional and efficient! -
Elena V, Thornhill

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