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What you should know about wasps

Wasps are one of the worst pest to find in or around your home. Good luck trying to enjoy your summer BBQ and pool party with even a moderate wasp infestation nearby. The instant you hear buzzing is the moment you will know you have a wasp problem. Wasps are known for the black and yellow stripes. They are flying insects that pack a powerful sting and unlike bees, they don’t die after one sting.

Where to find wasps

Common places for wasps to live are outdoors near gardens or flower pots. They feed off secretion from plants, nectar, and even fruit juices. They live in paper-like honey comb nests and a small nest can house many wasps at the same time. Nests are usually busily on fences, window frames, porches, sheds, or on trees and shrubs. It is also possible to find nests in basements or crawlspaces. If you find an empty nest, call a professional exterminator to have it removed or carefully remove it yourself. Abandoned nests can be re used by other wasps just like our houses can be re used by other people. It is easy to tell if a nest is active because wasps will continuously swarm around it, especially in the early spring.

Preventing Wasp Infestations

It is difficult to prevent a wasp infestation, but there are a few things you can do to make your home less of an attractive site of building a nest. For example, try to seal any cracks or openings in walls, windows, and boarding. Keep your shrubs and trees well-groomed and immediately clean any spilled fruit juices.

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Wasp Damage

Wasps are not huge threat to the lives of humans, so not every wasp nest needs to be destroyed. We only exterminate wasp nests that are in or around homes or populated areas. Wasps don’t bite, but they do sting. The sting of a wasp is quite painful and will cause swelling and redness around the site of the sting. They can attack over and over, especially if they feel their nest has been threatened. If you are stung, consult a medical professional immediately. This is particularly important if you believe you may be having an allergic reaction. If you are unable to get to a medical professional, here are some tips on treating wasp stings.  Regarding damage to your home, wasp nests are mostly just an eyesore. Once removed by a professional exterminator there is usually no damage left to the area on which the nest was formed. 

Hiring a Wasp Exterminator Near You

It is important to note that unless provoked, it is unlikely that wasps will try to sting you. We recommend to leave a wasp infestation to our qualified professionals to handle because they are equipped with the proper gear and training to handle a swarm of angry wasps. Trust us when I say this is a situation you want to avoid. If you have any concerns regarding a wasp infestation in or around you home, contact one of our licensed pest control professionals.


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